Voxer is a great app that allows you to connect with other people (or groups) through text messages, voice messages, photos, video or GIFs. One of the coolest features of this tool is that it allows you to listen in real time as someone is speaking and reply immediately OR listen later when its most convenient for you. With their free account you can message privately with a single person or create groups of 15 people or less to message with. The group feature makes this tools applications limitless.

Voxer can be used to communicate with colleagues, students or parents and has a notes feature where you can record notes for yourself to go back later and listen to or watch. For my friends that use Voxer, this has become our main source of communication, trumping the standard text messaging apps on our phones.

Challenge: Watch the video tutorial below (choose the one that matches the type of device you have) on getting started and setting up your Voxer account. Once you have set it up, added some friends and played with the app, add me, tavia_clark and send me a message about how you might use this tool to connect, share and learn.
Apple Tutorial

Android Tutorial

Challenge Yourself Further: Create a group with at least 3 members from your PLC that use Voxer. If you want to add someone that doesn’t have Voxer, send them an invite. Once you have your grouped named and set up, start chatting! Tweet to @quicktechbytm and let us know how this tool will help you grow professionally or help you communicate with colleagues, students or parents.

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