Explore the opportunities and advantages to taking  students on a virtual field trip.

Virtual Field Trips can be used both to enhance curricular content, as well as fun activities to allow students to explore new interests.


Challenge: Explore the Symbaloo of Virtual Field trips and spend at least 30 minutes on one excursion.


Challenge yourself further: Find a virtual field trip to conduct in your classroom and provide feedback in the “Web Tools & Resources” discussion forum of where you traveled and how it engaged students.


Learn more @:

OBX Librarian Virtual Field Trip – Mollee takes 2nd grades to the First Thanksgiving

Upper Elementary Science Virtual Field Trips – A great article with suggestions on science-related virtual field trips, including grade modifications, accommodations, and assessments.

Get Outta Class with a Virtual Field Trip – An overview on the benefits of VFTs and different methods to try

Historical and Tragic Virtual Trips – Suggested trips on historical events such as 9/11 and Slavery

Virtual Field Trips based on Literature – Literary Virtual Field Trips to settings of famous books

Online Museums – Museums you can explore for free, including activities

Virtual Field Trips
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