Twitter is a fabulous resource for becoming a more connected educator.

Whether you tweet everyday about what you and your students are doing in your classroom, or whether you only use Twitter to read others’ tweets, it’s a great way to share ideas and gain inspiration. This is, hands down, my favorite social media tool and has afforded me many opportunities to connect with people that I would otherwise never meet.

Challenge: Twitter is a wonderful tool for growing your personal learning network. It can also be a useful tool in the classroom for formative assessment and as a way to encourage students to have conversations through a digital platform. Below you will find a video I created to introduce teachers to Twitter. I have included:

  • information for creating and personalizing your account
  • the anatomy of a tweet
  • basic skills like tweeting, retweeting and favoriting
  • hashtags
  • how to find people to follow
  • and a few other hints, tips, and tricks

Watch the video below and after you’ve set up your own Twitter account,

  1. find the @QuickTechByTM account
  2. follow us
  3. tweet to us
  4. send us a direct message
  5. retweet or favorite something we’ve previously tweeted

Challenge Yourself Further: Create (or take) a picture that represents your main goal for the rest of the school year. For instance, you might take a picture of the word “inspire” since you strive to inspire your students. Tweet this picture to all of your followers and use the hashtag #QuickTechByTM at the end of your tweet. Then go to the discussion forum under the Web Tools & Resources channel and post a quick reflection of how you see Twitter helping you develop, personally as an educator.


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Twitter 101
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