It’s no secret that Twitter is one of our FAVORITE tools for connecting, learning and sharing! While Mollee and I have been using Twitter for a while and feel confident in participating in conversations, we know that may people feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they see in their feeds. Twitter chats can also be scary, especially the big ones that move very quickly.

To make using Twitter and participating in chats a little more manageable, we both use TweetDeck. This tool allows you to use one dashboard to capture all the feeds, chats and activity that you want to follow in one, easy to view screen. It’s totally customizable, so you can set up your TweetDeck dashboard to fit your needs. Your TweetDeck dashboard also saves your customization so it looks the same every time you log in. All you need to get started with TweetDeck is your Twitter username and password!

Challenge: Watch this great introduction to navigating TweetDeck by Brandon Lewin. Once you feel comfortable with setting up columns, begin customizing your TweetDeck dashboard. Once you have at least 5 columns set up, take a screenshot of your dashboard and tweet the picture to @quicktechbytm  with a short comment on this tool (*hint, you can do this all from TweetDeck).

Bonus: If you want specific info on using this tool to participate in a Twitter chat, watch the second video from Ashley Hurley.

Challenge Yourself Further: Now that you have your Tweetdeck dashboard customized, use this tool to participate in at least one scheduled Twitter chat. Once the chat is over, tweet to @quicktechbytm with at least 2 reflections about how using TweetDeck helped you during the chat.

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