SeeSaw is my favorite tool that I’ve learned about in 2016. When I heard about this tool at NCTIES 16, I immediately thought, “Where have you been my whole life?”

SeeSaw is a digital portfolio tool that allows students “show what they know.” Either online through a browser, or via the app, students can upload artifacts like photos, videos, drawings, text, pdfs and links. SeeSaw allows users to add voice comments to their posts, and also lets everyone in the class comment on uploads. This tool has a classroom blog feature that can be private to the class or shared for a broader community, including parents. There are various ways to have students join a class, so it’s easy for students of any grade level.

Challenge: This challenge will be a little different from most of the other ones we post on Quick Tech by TM. Instead of posting one or two videos for you to watch, you’re going to watch a series of tutorials. SeeSaw offers some great tutorial videos on their support page that will help you familiarize yourself with setting up a classroom and getting students started.

Go to this page and watch each of the Getting Started video tutorials. Then set up your own class and have students join. Be sure to weigh both options for having students join a class; either by Google account (Gmail) or through a class (QR) code. After you start using SeeSaw, send us a tweet @QTbyTM and let us know one way you will use this with your students.

Challenge Yourself Further: Check out SeeSaw’s information on their student blogs tool. Think about how you could utilize this part of SeeSaw with your students. Consider how this could work to give your students a global audience, or how you could use SeeSaw in collaboration with classes in another place. Tweet @QTbyTM with your ideas!

Learn More @:

Amazing SeeSaw Livebinder
This Livebinder is FULL of SeeSaw resources to help teachers get started and use this tool effectively in the classroom. YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT!

PD in Your PJs Recordings – SeeSaw Support
SeeSaw offers great professional development from its ambassadors. There are great recordings that are grade level specific. Check them out!

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