Participate Learning (PL) is an amazing site¬†that allows users to create and curate collections of resources and tools. While many people using bookmarking sites or the bookmarking feature of their favorite web browser, PL, offers more features that allow you to customize, share and collaborate on collections. It’s easy to get started and you can sign up via your Twitter account if you have one.

You can view some of my collections here!

Challenge: Watch these simple, quick tutorial videos from Participate Learning’s YouTube channel. The first one will demonstrate how to create a collection and the second one shows you how to collaborate with PL. After viewing the videos, create one collection of tools and resources. Share this collection with us by tweeting the link to @quicktechbytm or by tagging us in a tweet with the link to your collection.

Challenge Yourself Further: Create a collection that you will collaborate on with one of your colleagues or PLN members. Add that person as a collaborator. When you’ve finished adding resources to the collection, tweet a link to your collection and how you’re going to use it to @quicktechbytm.

Learn More @:

Participate Learning – COOL! – 406 Ideation
This is an excellent introduction to how cool this tool really is. The post talks about using it for content curation, a Twitter chat platform and to connect to other educators.

Introducing Participate Learning Chat Homepages
This is a great video introduction to the awesome work Participate Learning has done to make Twitter chats even more awesome!

Participate Learning
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