Like Pinterest or Symbaloo, this is a visual way to “bookmark” websites, but it can be used in so. many. ways. For example, I’ve seen 1st grade teachers use it for students to reflect and review literature; middle schools use it to connect parents and students for community building; and a backchannel for all kinds of high school classrooms. It can be used for PD, brainstorming, digital bulletin boards…. Need a loophole around YouTube? Try Padlet – it’s worked for some! Seriously, this tool has so much potential.

Challengecreate a padlet of resources that you can share with students, teachers, or parents. I’m not even going to try to match the genius of Richard Byrne’s posts on Padlet, so watch below on how to get started with the newest version of Padlet (then go read up on his amazing posts!! You’ll be so inspired)

Challenge yourself further: use padlet in a way that is student-curated; have them be active participants in the process whether it’s sharing resources, brainstorming, reflecting, or even posting artifacts they created like YouTube videos, blogs, photos, etc.

Learn more @:

How to use Padlet w/ students: Some basic instructions & ideas

Another good How To on using Padlet in the classroom

Padlet’s own Padlet on best uses in Education

Example of Padlet for sharing ideas w/ text, photos, at primary level

Example of Padlet for book recommendations

Example of video reflections, which would make a great feature {this is not padlet, but same model/easy to do w/ Padlet}

And even more ideas for the future! The community wall is a great idea
If you want to connect to other classrooms around the US using this Padlet review/reflect idea, check out this amazing collaborative project!

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