If project-based learning seems too daunting to tackle in your classroom on your own, consider a team-approach with teachers from other subject areas. By sharing the work-load and combining different perspectives on a common theme, students are more engaged and teachers have more energy! This session will discuss how an art teacher, media specialist, and technology facilitator teamed up to cover a 1st grade science standard, satisfy our own respective standards, and discovered the many advantages of doing PBL on a team approach. We will provide a lesson outline for you to bring back to your school, as well as ideas on technology to use, collaborative strategies, and have an open discussion that would be appropriate for grades K-12. Bring your devices, or use ours, to see examples of how our students demonstrated their learning successes.

1st Art Display

Our outline & lesson can be found here

A skeleton outline can be found here

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Collaborating: Working in Media

Student Examples

Differentiation: made adjustments for students who needed more direction {get sheet here}



Creating: Working in Art


Communicating: Working in Technology

1st NL ipad



About Big 3 Research:

Plan     –        Do      –        Review 


Student Reviews:

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