Goosechase is an interactive scavenger hunt app (iOS/Android) that can be set up on a device or computer to engage students and/or teachers in the classroom, PD, or just as a fun activity.

Objective: use this app to apply critical thinking, inspire collaboration and communication, and make curriculum engaging and applicable.

Challenge: Watch the wonderful tutorial below by HS Spanish teacher Ms. Maria Slusarek and create your own FREE Goosechase account, start with a few challenges, and go on a hunt with your students.

Challenge yourself further: Create a Goosechase and employ another teacher (in your building, or beyond) to engage with your students on the same topic. Have a debriefing after the chase is over via Google Hangout, Skype, or another form of digital communication to recap what was learned, any challenges overcome, and connect students on a deeper level. Some ideas on topics can be found at iPaddiction, and in the resources below.

How QuickTech has used it:

  • Tavia & Mollee were introduced to this tool at a digital leaders PD conference! It was a great bonding experience with new peers with fun challenges, not all relevant to the topic of the conference.
  • Tavia: used Goosechase on Digital Learning Day 2016 & will be using it w/ 9th graders for a Google Boot Camp. 
  • Mollee: teamed up one of my 2nd grade teachers with one across the state and we did grade-appropriate research on historical influences on our respective counties, then used the app to share what was learned by each group. After the challenge was complete, students had an opportunity to “meet” their Goosechase peers on a Google Hangout, which taught global and digital citizenship skills.


Learn more @:

 For an education account (fee-based), visit

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Real applications from iPaddiction

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.42.06 PM


NJ Educator Ann Oro has some fabulous uses of Goose Chase both linked here, on the photo, and below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.15.37 PM

Using Goosechase for Teacher Inspiration and Interaction

Oro’s presentation on Goosechase at EdTechNJ – a fabulous resource!

Jamie Burrows used a Goosechase on a field trip!



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