Google Forms is one of the applications provided to you in Google Drive.

Watch a step-by-step video on how easy it is to create a survey/quiz, then submit answers to our Quick Tech by TM questionnaire.


Objective: Learn how to create a Google Form, with its various functions, and submit answers to the survey on our Virtual PD offerings.


Challenge: Watch the video below to see how to create a Google Form, and then submit your answers to the Quick Tech by TM survey that you saw being built.




Challenge yourself further: Create a form to use in your classroom, and share the link in the comments below.


Learn more @: 

5 Great Ways To Use Google Forms – Jennifer Carey on uses Google Forms to collect contact info, assess as an exit ticket, collect homework, survey students, and create rubrics. Included is another video tutorial with additional application ideas.


Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms – Molly Schroder from provides numerous examples for student-use, teacher organization, professional development, and adminiatrative ideas.


Google Forms For Teachers –  From 2013, but still has relevant information and a helpful how-to guide.


80 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom – These suggestions are presented in a slideshow, which keeps it from getting overwhelming. Very easy to read, with helpful links to expand upon ideas that you want to pursue.


How to Connect Google Forms to QR Codes –  Monica Burns @ gives such a smart way to distribute Google Forms to students with the help of QR codes. You’ll be surprised at how easy this is!


I love this! Thinking beyond the data and typical classroom uses, one teacher uses it to bridge communication to her students.



Google Forms
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