Objective: Let’s Hangout! Google makes it so fun and easy.

Challenge: Schedule a Google hangout between one of your classes, and another class within your school, or a nearby school, to engage students in a discussion. In the Learn more @ section, you will see some tips, suggestions for topics, and even some institutions that provide Google Hangouts with experts.


Challenge yourself further:  Set up a Google Hangout that includes multiple classrooms for a more engaging discussion



Learn more @

Google Hangout Tip Sheet

Edutopia: Hangouts in Schools – Simple examples on how Hangouts can be used in elementary, secondary, higher ed, administrative, and PLC settings.

18 Ways Teachers Use Google Hangouts

4 Ways to Enhance Class Google Hangouts

Using Hangouts in Education

Connected Learning through Skype – benefits of virtual chatting in the classroom

Candy Gourlay – from the perspective of an author who “visited” a school that had been reading her book using Google Hangout

Awesome Hangout Opportunities:


Connected Classrooms Virtual Field Trips put on by Google; can tune in live, or watch a recorded video

Zoo Atlanta

Google Science Fairs

Minnesota Zoo



Google Hangouts