Feedly is an online tool that allows users to curate all of the posts they read from blogs and Websites in one place. This RSS feed aggregator, makes it easy to stay updated on the new posts, create categories for the things you follow and save and share your favorites. Feedly makes staying up to date simple, as you can access everything from their site or convenient iPhone or Android apps.

Challenge: Watch the video to learn how to create, navigate and use a Feedly account to read posts from blogs and Websites. After watching the video, set up your own account and explore the Learn More @ links at the bottom of the page for blogs to follow. Choose at least one blog to follow and add it to your Feedly account. In the Web Tools & Resources channel in the discussion forum, quickly reflect on this tool and how it might help you grow professionally.

Challenge Yourself Further: Add at least 10 feeds to your Feedly account and read a few posts. Look for content to add that is both educational and some that is fun. Try saving posts, organizing your collections and changing your theme color. Using the Web Tools & Resources channel in the discussion forum, share a few of the blogs you chose to follow and the applications of this tool for both your professional learning and for classroom integration.

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Feedly – Keep Up With All the Content You Read In One Easy Place
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