As librarians, we are obviously fond of books, and we know most teachers are too. With the adoption of the Common Core (and soon, the NC amendment to the Core), there are many text exemplars that are recommended for teaching standards, but often, they are difficult to get hands on due to availability or being out of print. With this challenge, we encourage you to use online resources to find literacy-building lessons and materials which can be accessed easily, from any place (not just the library!), for free.


Challenge: Use to find and implement a literacy lesson.



Challenge yourself further: Instead of using a print resource (including a handout), find digital text to use in a lesson (such as an eBook or audio recording) and conduct a lesson w/o traditional text. Share what you found advantageous or challenging in the Web Tools & Resources discussion channel.



Learn more @

Reading Rockets – Similar to, filled with content and resources that are free and easy to navigate

ReadWriteThink – Many interactive tools that enhance literacy and writing lessons; also includes lesson plans, printouts, and more

Learner Interactive – Interactives are like games that have educational value; this link brings you to ELA/Writing lessons, but more can be found on other content areas

Learn NC – So many lessons organized by grade level, content area, or specific topic but all include a digital component

LOC Primary Resources – The Library of Congress provides teachers with lessons and ideas on how to use primary resources in your teaching

Digital Storytelling @ Edutopia – Looking for a way to include a digital assessment element to a lesson? Consider digital storytelling… read about it at Edutopia.


Building Literacy Beyond Books
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