AutoCrat is an awesome add-on for Google Sheets (spreadsheets). This document merge tool creates PDF or shared documents from spreadsheet data. It works with a Google Form (if you need help with creating Google Forms, see our quick tech tutorial) and its corresponding spreadsheet. After installing the AutoCrat add-on to any Google Sheet, you are able to take form submissions and insert them into Google Docs or PDFs to be saved and/or sent to recipients. For example, if an administrator creates a walk through Google Form to fill out during a quick observation, he or she can then install AutoCrat on the spreadsheet and have the information collected merged into an easy to read document or PDF to send to the teacher being observed.


Objective: Create a Google Form and use the AutoCrat add-on in the corresponding Google Sheet to merge the collected data into a document or PDF that can be emailed and/or shared with recipients.


Challenge: Watch the video tutorial to learn how to use the Autocrat add-on. Using the Google Form below, discuss one specific way that you could utilize this tool in your classroom.

Challenge Yourself Further: Create a Google Forms and add Autocrat to the corresponding Google Sheet. Have your students take the assessment and set up a document that uses Autocrat to merge the form submissions into a document or PDF that is emailed or shared with the students. Share your experience in using the AutoCrat add-on in the discussion forum. In the discussion forum, choose the Google & Chrome channel and then make sure to put AutoCrat in the title of your new topic. 

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AutoCrat – Awesome, Time Saving Google Sheets Add-On
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