Augmented Reality is an awesome way to have kids create content and become totally engaged in their learning by using technology. This challenge will take what you’ve already learned from Mollee’s Quick Tech Augmented Reality challenge and show you how to use this technology in a 1:1 Chromebook environment. Even if you’re not 1:1, this challenge is a great way to learn how to create auras using Aurasma Studio and a Chromebook, laptop or personal computer (as opposed to an iPad). Aurasma Studio is a great tool if you’re hoping to have numerous students all create their own auras and share with each other.

Objective: Learn how to use Aurasma Studio to create auras on a Chromebook, laptop or personal computer.

Challenge: Watch the video tutorial below and read through the guide provided to learn, step by step, how to use Aurasma Studio to create awesome augmented reality. After becoming familiar with this process, create your own aura and go to the Discussion Forum to share your experience, including your trigger image and your public channel’s name so that others can trigger your aura.

Creating aurasinaurasma general from taviaclark –> email me at if you’d like an editable copy of this document
Copy of Google Presentations + Aurasma Studio (if you’d like the trigger images to be made in Google Slides) –> you can open this, make a copy and then edit it to add in your own expectations

How to Use Screencast-o-matic

How to Use Clip Champ to Record a Video on Your Chromebook

Examples from Currituck County High School (be sure to follow the cchslibrary public account before viewing this examples; more information is available on this in Tavia’s guide above)
To trigger the augmented reality, use the Aurasma app to scan each picture. haleyarnoldaurasma





Challenge Yourself Further: Think about your content and how augmented reality could enhance your teaching or your students’ learning. Pick one way to integrate this technology into your classroom. Using the Discussion Forum, explain how you used/plan to use augmented reality, what you found easy or hard about using Aurasma Studio and tips or suggestions for other educators who are thinking about implementing augmented reality.


Learn More @:

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality – via Kleinspiration

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Aurasma + Aurasma Studio – Augmented Reality Created with Chromebooks
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