Wrap Your Brain Around Augmented Reality. This exciting new way to engage with technology takes QR codes to a whole new level!

Learn the basics of using the Aurasma app, and find new ways to make your classroom interactive.


Objective: Become familiar with this new technology and the various applications for which it can be used.


Challenge: First, watch the 2012 Ted Talk on the many uses of Augmented Reality, then see the step by step process of how quickly this can be put into action.


This is a quick video that shows how to open the Aurasma App, use a video that is already stored on the iPad (pre-recorded), and attach it to an image. The guest teacher is someone who has never used the app, and will demonstrate the ease of accessing this technology to create an Aura. If you are familiar with QR codes, an “Aura” is similar, but you’re using a real object as your “trigger” and matching a video link, rather than having to create the unique square barcode.  The multiple videos that are mentioned “in the cloud” are stored in a pre-existing account used by the MES media center. The app and accounts are free and you will want to sign up for an account before trying to create your first Aura. I suggest making it somewhat student-friendly if you plan on sharing with students and allowing them to create Auras using devices in your room. IPads must be signed into this account in order for the Aura to ‘trigger’ the respective video (meaning the students’ privacy is protected and only people with this log in can see the video). You can follow along with the video and the infographic located below.



Photo credit iPad4schools.org


Challenge yourself further: Use Augmented Reality in the classroom and upload a video to our discussion forum that shows students in action. Please provide details on what content you were teaching, what you found helpful or challenging about using Augmented Reality, and suggestions for how others can utilize the app in the classroom.


Learn more @:

Bring Schools to Life with Aurasma – great tutorial information on Augmented Reality, including this helpful infographic that walks you through the same steps from the video above.


What Is Augmented Reality? Brilliant overview on AR by Cristin Dillard on the interactive uses of this technology.


How Augmented Reality Works Learn a little more about the science behind how Augmented Reality works.


Video Tutorials for Teachers on Augmented Reality – Access several “How To” videos from educatorstechnology.com.


5 Ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom Marc Brea from teq.com has some great suggestions on how to get started with Aurasma in the classroom.


Aurasma For Your Classroom – LOVE the description of Shakespeare and Augmented Reality. It’s all about enriching your content with information that will help students, and furthermore, give students opportunities to engage with the curriculum.


Augmented Reality: New Dimensions of Learning Again, more fantastic suggestions on how AR can enhance classroom learning. Some of the easiest ways to adopt AR can be the homework mini-lesson, where students can get a recap of how to tackle the assignment, or video book reviews.


Using Augmented Reality for Book Talks – Book Whisperer fans (and all ELA teachers!) can get some great ideas from this blog on how to have authentic reading responses


Putting the World in Their Hands – Thoughtful article on how today’s classroom is more active and engaged, and the ways Augmented Reality supplements learning


Creating a Virtual Museum and More – Some brief suggestions on how to use Augmented Reality for virtual museums, interactive biography reports, and student portfolios. Includes steps on using the Aurasma App

Learn More From These Teachers – Want some more contacts to teachers who are using this technology? Here are several high-tech teachers who blog about AR and their experiences.


See AR in action @ MES… more at Mollee’s blog

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