We believe in continuous learning.
We believe in the power of professional learning networks.
We believe in technology integration.
We believe that time is a precious commodity.
We believe that educators should have the tools and resources to feel empowered.

This is what led us to create Quick Tech By TM. As Media Specialists, one of our goals is to provide learning opportunities for our colleagues that are accessible, concise and relevant. Through the challenges on this site, we hope to give you a chance to learn new skills that you can easily implement. We also hope to give you the chance to network with others, to share your thoughts, showcase what you’re learning, and become inspired.

Our goal is to add a few new challenges each month. We welcome any suggestions you have for the types of challenges you would like to see featured on this site. You can suggest specific topics for challenges through our contact form on the Contact page or by posting ideas in the Discussion Forum. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you can stay updated with all things Quick Tech By TM.

Are you ready for a challenge?